CDS, Inc.
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Bufflo, NY 14207
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Chocolate Delivery Systems, Inc. evolved from Tomric, Inc., which dates back to 1962. CDS manages three subsidiary companies, created to each pursue different market opportunities. Each of the companies provides unique solutions to varying customer needs. From professional confectionery, to retail ready production, to home entertaining and candymaking, we offer the benefit of knowledge and experience within each of these concentrations, while at the same time granting our customers the simplicity of working with a single vendor.

Tomric Systems, Inc.

TOMRIC SYSTEMS, Inc. supplies confectioners with professional-grade candy moulds (custom and stock), candymaking tools and exclusive equipment, as well as packaging under the Tomric brand name, used by pastry chefs and confectionery companies worldwide.

ChocoMaker, Inc.

ChocoMaker®, Inc. expands traditional candymaking activities through creative, exciting, indulgent products to be shared with family and friends centered around making together, entertaining with, or gift giving. The ChocoMaker brand is available in department, supermarket, craft, party, club, and drug stores.

Make'n Mold® inspires the time-honored tradition of Candymaking at Home through creative, high quality, value oriented products, inspired by professional chocolate makers, and designed for home candy makers. The Make’n Mold brand is available within a variety of channels: craft, party, supermarket, drug, and club stores.